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    It all started with a Hob Nob. As Dr Matt Morgan, an intensive care consultant, examined a patient who had suffered a cardiac arrest after inhaling some biscuit crumbs, he saw a flock of birds fly past the window. They must inhale objects all the time when flying, how do they survive? he thought to himself. This began an investigation that spanned continents, species and millennia.
    For animal science has so much to teach us about human medicine. While some of the overlaps and parallels are obvious – we know how much DNA we share with primates, the first pig heart has been transplanted into a human – there is so much more that we have learnt from the animal world. For example, studying kangaroos, in particular the female’s three vaginas, has improved in-vitro fertilisation success rates. Watching how a giraffe breathes can help save the life of someone struggling with asthma. Investigating why birds that live in the frozen Arctic circle don’t freeze to death led to advances with treating hypothermia. Getting a ECG on the 150kg heart of a humpback whale was instrumental to keeping patients with cardiac failure living longer.
    We owe animals so much, it’s time to focus on examining how they live and what we still have to learn from them. Better shared understanding of how our species coexists with millions of others can lead to untold medical advances, help both humans and animals and improve the world for all creatures from single-celled bacteria to a 30,000 kg whale. Who knows, maybe a kiss from a frog will save your life?

  • Who am I?

    I am an intensive care doctor, researcher and author. My open letter addressed to patients during the COVID pandemic has been read by over half a million people worldwide and viewed over three million times after featuring on Channel 4.


    My first book Critical (Simon & Schuster, 2019) has been translated into six languages and fea-tured in The Times. I have spoken to large audiences at some of the largest book festivals in the world including Hay, Russia and Ubud. My articles have featured in The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, Esquire, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Mirror and The Huffington Post.


    As a regular writer for the internationally acclaimed British Medical Journal, my article ‘A letter from the ICU’ is one of their most popular ever opinion articles, read by over 130,000 people. Since narrating the highly rated audiobook of Critical, I have spoken on several popular podcasts and radio programmes including The Today Program on BBC Radio 4 and international talk shows.


    I have appeared on several television programs including Sky News, CNN, ITV, The BBC, The Jeremy Vine Show and international channels. I was nominated for the 2020 Royal Society David Attenborough Prize for public engagement in science. I currently live between Perth, Australia and Cardiff with my family.

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    Critical - stories from the brink of life

    2019, Simon & Schuster and 6 other languages

    Through the remarkable stories of his patients, Dr. Matt Morgan guides you through the body and its organs. He explains how various critical conditions arise, and all that goes into treating them – from the science, research and technology, to the tireless efforts of the doctors and nurses. This book gives you powerful insights about intensive care, many of which may prevent you, or those close to you, from ending up there. It will even teach you how to save a life.


    ‘A very special book filled with stories of survival, hope and loss.'

    Adam Kay, author of the best-selling book This is Going to Hurt

    A letter from ICU


    My open letter addressed to patients during the COVID pandemic has been read by over half a million people worldwide and viewed over three million times after featuring on Channel 4.

    A reunion


    I was so happy to meet again with Davide, a young dad who I first met when he was dying on the ICU.

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    For all speaker/writing/festival/media enquires please speak with my wonderful agent on charlotte@johnsonandalcock.co.uk. I am on drmattmorgan@gmail.com.


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